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The services I provide are exclusively digital edge-to-edge designs. This means that the quilting will be uniform across the quilt top and not area specific. 


I would be honored to help you finish your quilt. I have an extensive stock of pantographs that range from modern to a more classical look. We can work together for a design that suites your taste and individual style. 



What kind of pantograph design would you like?

Take a look at the available pantographs I have available here.

Not sure where to start?

If you are unsure of what design you would like, we can work together to discover what design and thread color you would like to use. 

Don't see what you're looking for?

Any designs I don't currently own can easily be purchased. I am more than happy to purchase any design you have in mind. I will just add the total purchase price of the pantograph onto your bill. Below are some of the websites I frequently use.

Urban Elementz
Intelligent Quilting
Longarm League

Willow Leaf Studio

Or take inspiration from other projects I've done:

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